Artists confirmed...

Dylan Nyoukis

Boundaries - "Dylan has been creating sounds and skuzzers since the early mid 90s. An approach drenched in exploration and rewarding pleasures. Dylan has a vast array of solo zoners shared with a mighty wealth of like minded collabs here, there and everywhere. When he's not producing some of the best diy sound art, collage cooking sounds around, he can be found pushing and promoting other fantastic artist on his immensely inspiring record label CHOCOLATE MONK. Dylan put out those first Melt Banana records before anyone knew who or what they were. The label discography is HUGE. Go dig in and unravel the knot in your brain.

Dylan is a gentlemen with visions and approaches most of us could only dream of chancing upon. "

For fans of the sticky good stuff.

constance nyoukis.jpg

Still House Plants



Boundaries - "When i first heard Still House Plants, i was bowled over by their playing and techniques which drew me in even more, later revealing sublime tones and textures, while an exquisite vocal and lyrical charm grip and gallop throughout. A real gem of a band.

Fans of fun, intelligent, considered sounds. Their are hints of U.S alternative underground rock, drifting along with modern electronica and the best dissonant sounding jazz"


Malverne Brume

More info soon...

Karen Constance

Karen Constance is a Scottish contemporary avant-garde sound artist, painter, and collagist. Karen is usually found experimenting with analogue equipment and various tape players, using pre-recorded sounds, loops, objects and many many samples taken from her own personal stash of recordings.

Boundaries - "Karen creates these incredible rich sounds that are colourful other worldly realities, where free music and a strong independent aesthetics roam deep and wide. Karen's productions are glued together with a what seems like an infinite amount of weight, grit, fun, splendour and marvel. Karen will be creating a live score to accompany a newly made film, which will have its debut at Boundaries. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to show and experience Karen's work live and direct! "


Basic House

Extreme amalgams of techno and computer music, modular varnish sniffing and hands on box worship. Basic House is very serious music made by a baboon. Enjoy with a cool drink and headache meds.

" Bishop reignites his Basic House alias after a few too many years away from the stage. A welcome return as it were for one of the best around when talking out loud about delicate sound designs and productions with depth and weight.

Basic House tracks are so carefully considered and constructed that moments even of substantial lengths, never meander of over stay their welcome. Extraordinary production techniques that reveal intimate layers of craft and crush. Its no surprise that Bishops mixing and mastering talents are in big demand from all after hearing his work.

As well as producing his own sounds and mastering those of others, Bishop is also the label boss and founder of the might record label OPAL TAPES.

A label certainly breathing in the same direction as Boundaries, OPAL TAPES aims to promote and support original, exciting electronic and underground artists from all background and cultures. We cant recommend the label enough and truly, truly believe it is one of most important and consistently reliable record labels around for electronic sounds and more. Incredibly inspiring stuff.

Boundaries cant wait to have Basic House rinse the festival sound system with some brand new blackened blisters..." - Boundaries

Territorial Gobbing

"Territorial Gobbing is a Leeds based self described village idiot who humiliates themselves live on stage for your amusement and disgust. High speed clutter, vocal garbage and tape abuse, they’re shooting for sound-art and settling for much much less...  "

Boundaries - "For fans of MSBR, Caroliner et all.
But without doubt Territorial Gobbing stands alone, wrapped in a vivid void of risk and rewards.
Fun times a go go"

Alison Cotton

Alison's most recent work is a selection of new pieces that bridge the everyday world of dust and grit with that of the churning stars above us, a sound both otherworldly and utterly down-to-earth.

Cotton’s now recognisable instrumentation (including viola, chimes and Omnichord alongside percussion, harmonium, piano and voice) yields maximum impact here – and atop the cleansing drones perches Alison’s magisterial vocal, surveying the widescreen cosmic psychedelia unfurling below.

Her new album of tone-poems bears witness to an artist convening with the complex strata of our world, both physical and spiritual. They leave behind the thrum and rubble of our daily grind, lifting ever up and vibrating outwards into the many vast unknowns.

Boundaries - " Wonderful, beautiful deep melancholy and reflective pose.
Stunning sounds, with a delightful measured hush.

We've been a fan of Alison's music for a while now, so it is real pleasure to welcome Alison to Boundaries to perform a rare set in her wonderful home City of Sunderland."

Alison Cotton1.jpg

The Unit Ama

The Unit Ama make music that explodes outward: dense but soothing metronomic pulses morph into a wild fracturing of the traditional rock trio, taking the possibilities of what can be done with guitar, bass, drums and vocals into the stratosphere. Whereas others have saught to push the limits of rock music by intense complication and trickery, The Unit Ama's approach is natural, human, shamanic even.

The Unit Ama are a trio, combing pace and restrain alongside vigour and copious amounts of modest mastery. Outstanding in scope and techniques. For fans of Lungfish, Can, The Ex, Peter Brotzman, Fugazi, Anthony Braxton and much more.."

Andrew Dr Abbott

Andy Abbott is an artist, musician and writer who lives in West Yorkshire, UK. His recent output as ‘Andrew DR Abbott’ centres on instrumental compositions for 8-string baritone acoustic guitar.

Boundaries - "Andy generates an array of blissful moments using intricate finger picking techniques. These techniques sit alongside his own personal field recordings as well as the use of custom made instruments and objects creating a bold, lush, intimate sound and observation influenced by Northern England.

Andrew's albums have been a constant at Boundaries HQ throughout the years and it's a real delight to have him grace Sunderland again after so many years away!"


Summer are a group from Newcastle and London. They play minimal, looping songs with two guitars, one bass, drums and four voices. The line up = Giles, Katy, Grace and Craig. No stunts, no chops, no jamming on the riff. This will be their first performance.

Boundaries - " I was first Introduced to the musical World of Giles Bailey say around 2001. He was rocking out in the band Kill Yrself and then later id find myself rocking out to his other group Triple School.

I recently reconnected with Giles through his wonderful performance project, World is Sudden. An intimate tactile performance piece of movements and manners.

Giles told me he had formed a new band with super talented pals Grace, Katy and Craig. I'm also a fan of Craig's solo work Competition, his recent tapes out on Slip are great.

I heard a few little demo clips recently and knew we had to get them on at Boundaries.

It's a real thrill to have SUMMER perform their debut show at Boundaries.

C A N T W A I T."

The Rebel

" He's been a Country Teaser, A Rebel, A Devil and now A Rebel again. There have been many alias to go with the many many releases that Ben Wallers has conducted throughout his musical life, but I feel none have been so candid and curious as his output as The Rebel.


Songs that linger and lurch over you long after hearing them, speaking volumes about Ben's remarkable genius like talent to weave the hilarious alongside the harrowing in such equal charm.

Combining effortless songwriting and lyrical chops, which always seemingly feel the need to sit under, over or along some of the most catchy, dry sounding lofi poppers out there today, Ben is the real deal and The Rebel is not to be messed with.

Ben has a brand new Rebel album out titled 'Remember Your Failures In The Cave' which is out now on Wrong Speed Records.

As expected it is another absolute beauty that could only have been made though the guise of The Rebel.

I'm sure we'll hear lots of this new album aswell as many tunes from his deep discography during his much anticipated Boundaries slot. YES YES YES!

Long live The Rebel. " - Boundaries


" The first time I heard Guttersnipe It felt like drinking a keg of ketamine while my body convulsed inbetween invisible and gold. The rush was immediate and I couldnt stop thinking about those recordings.


It turns out that Guttersnipe isn't a band of 100+ band members but actually 2 incredibly, imaginative prodigious humans, who create this lava soaked super reality hyper fun of fire and skills.


It's truly something special to behold.

Their recent split with Cuntroaches is never to far away from the Boundaries hi fi.


Guttersnipe was one of the first names on the fest wish list, so I am absolutely ecstatic to have them play and melt us all into the beyondz!!! " - Boundaries

The Unit AMA .jpg

Sophie Cooper

" Sound Artist Sophie Cooper constructs works of sublime beauty and grandeur. Using a variety of methods to create some of the most intimate and interesting ideas Boundaries has encountered in many years.  Digging deep into her own performance, Sophie features guitars, vocals, trombone and more to produce moments of wonder, where tunes drip with dynamics and devilish textural tones throughout.

Sophie is a crucial member of Yorkshire’s far-reaching experimental music scene. A scene where she founded the much, much loved Tor Festival. A festival and vision that we certainly have a great deal of love and respect for, which has been a significant influence on Boundaries. 

Boundaries is overjoyed to welcome Sophie Cooper to the debut edition of the festival and we eagerly await to experience her wonderful talents. " - Boundaries


" Bulbils were seemingly born out of the rust and restless restrictions that many felt during the early months of 2020.

The entities behind Bulbils are that of Sally Pilkington and Richard Dawson. Many of you will know of Richards exquisite solo work, while Sally is a member of the fantastic other worldly pop group, Hen Ogledd, which Richard is also a member of.

With Bulbils, Richard and Sally started making music as  a genuine, therapeutic endeavour to rid away restless energies that may often appear when confided to the walls within their humble abode.

What started off, as i imagine simple messing around with equipment and ideas, slowly turned into a two piece band who began to upload their musical adventures each day online when recordings were finished. As the days and weeks passed by Bulbils had steadily created quite the discography...On last count there was 63 releases available to listen to online!!!

It would be criminal to try and reference a group who's open minded style and aesthetic have created over SIXTY productions in such a short period of time, but Boundaries are sure they havent heard melancholic space rock, curious krautrock, stunning wholesome freak pop and delightful, dazzling zoner notes made with such aplomb and heart in maybe........EVER!

There is an actual debut tape release of all this and more, entitled ' blue forty 'which has found a home on the fab label BLUE TAPES. Exciting indeed....

We are super zoned, thrilled and honoured to have Bulbils perform their debut live show over the Boundaries weekender. 

Buzz Buzz on. " - Boundaries


Boundaries - " Rovellasca creates these seemingly bottomless, beautiful low end drones that focus heavily on the minimal and the modest. This is not some overly cool workshy effort. These alluring, simple on the surface tones and tracks, reward with repeated listens illuminating a striking amount of layers and attentive production swagger.

Craig aka Rovellasca is also the mastermind behind the the prolific and succulent music label INVISBLE CITY RECORDS. Craig's prolific approach to releasing truly on the fringe fab low end, tape crushing, bass bellowing big guns is nothing short of admirable and hugely inspiring. Highly recommend you dive into the discography and cleanse the brain waves"

For fans of sparse, dense, layered low frequency, tape zoning, bass cruisers.