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Rian's  sound practice re-imagines the intersection of club culture, experimental art and computer music, presenting an insightful and compelling musical world of interlocking and fractured components. Drawing upon his study with Lupo at Berlin's Dubplates & Mastering, plus years spent curating the Enjoy artspace in Leeds, Treanor's sound uses off centred rhythmic arrangements, referencing the dynamics of garage and techno as much as Fluxus and Dada cut-ups.

Rian's last full album on the mighty Planet Mu titled, 
'File under UK Metaplasm' was an incredible rush of high end programming, sugar rush hooks and abstract dance moves, it was a total head turner.

His most recent release the marvellous, ' Obstacle Scattering' ep delved deeper in to the unhinged rhythmic worlds, where selected grooves that don't fit anywhere except together, mapping out Rian's constantly-shifting relationship with both the club and the legacy of boundary-pushing dance music.

These sounds feverishly demonstrate the outer limits of a streamlined sonic palette, devastating speakers and dancefloors in equal measure. 

Boundaries have been huge fans of Rian's work for sometime now and it is a privilege to welcome him to the Boundaries stage, we are super excited.

Human Heads

Human Heads is a wonderful, exciting Glasgow based electro-sprechgesang duo featuring long time collaborators Hannah Ellul and Ben Ellul-Knight. Their music threads together sung-speech, domestic field recordings and throbbing synth excursions into wonky spun-out song cycles. Human heads have released music on Singing Knives, Tanzprocesz, SPAM and most recently on Fractal Meat. For Boundaries, Human Heads will perform as a trio with bassman Otto Willberg, presenting an olfactory set to tickle your proboscis with a scent mixed by Clara Weale from the Library of Olfactory Materials (Glasgow).

Their latest release on Fractal Meat titled..
' In the afternoon', is a whirlwind of fractured fructose found sounders, cool collage concrete crushers and the most warm welcoming sample soundtrackys.
Get it on.


Ashley Paul Trio

Ashley Paul is an American multi-instrumentalist/composer based in London. Her intuitive process integrates free form song structures with a focused approach to sound. Using a complexity of instruments including saxophone, clarinet, voice, prepared guitar and percussion she creates a delicate palette, uniquely her own.

Boundaries is ridiculously thrilled to be able to host Ashley's brand new musical trio in Sunderland. This new trio features the wonder talents of bass clarinettist Yoni Silver and bassist Otto Willberg, who fatten out and shine light on her singularly intimate, multi-instrumental with mystery and grace.

This is what The New York Times had to say about the fantastic Ashley Paul. "...a songwriter with a diaristic, private and flexible sense of what a song is.”

Fun times ago go!!


rian 2.jpeg
Image from SP19 Final - eoincarey, page 5.png

Rachel Aggs

Rachel first came to our attention when we stumbled upon her playing as part of the amazing London group Shopping, one hazy dark evening at the venue Power Lunches. We were immediately hit with such a natural display and touch of melody, pace and tone, as well as a impressive vision for upbeat tempos and the use of melancholia in tracks. From the first song on that Shopping setlist we were completely hooked!

Rachel is a multi instrumentalist and songwriter based in Glasgow.  Aggs, a prolific specialist in euphoric post-punk, has achieved international acclaim with collaborative touring projects Trash Kit, Shopping and Sacred Paws. Creating zines and co-ordinating workshops that encourage women, non-binary people, and people of colour to form bands, Aggs has galvanised the DIY scene in the UK.

Aggs released a solo album on Lost Map records as part of their Visitations residency in 2019 and self released //Tape 1// in 2020. Both releases showcase Aggs’ signature hybrid post-punk/highlife inspirations stripped down to new minimal extremes.

Pulsating, electronic beats, coolly-recited lyrical mantras and spindly guitar lines abound in this life affirming music that speaks directly to your heart.

Boundaries is absolutely buzzing to have had Rachel accept our invitation to perform at this years event. This is a rare chance to see Rachel do a solo set in the North East, so dont snooze on this.


Yerba Mansa

Yerba Mansa are the free rock drums and guitar duo of Andrew Cheetham (Richard Dawson/Irma Vep) and Edwin Stevens (Irma Vep/The Web of Lies). 


Formed in Manchester in 2014 by a Welshman and a Lancastrian, though now split between Yorkshire and Glasgow, Yerba Mansa have been carving their own brand of inner city desert rock, anxiety ridden micro jams and long form drone blow outs across the plot for a while now. Boundaries mind was melted into the beyond when hearing their most recent release through Box Records, 2 lenghty powerhouse tracks that bottle then burst, curve and collapse while riffing mortar and fire somewhat effortlessly between them both.

As a lazy reference you could maybe hear similarities in those early Orcutt /Corsano jams, but that wouldn't scratch the surface.
This is truly the real deal stuff with each player offering a mountain of pure zest and zeal you cant help but surrender to.




Prangers come from the deep depths of Rochdale, with creative leanings into the Manchester and the Yorkshire Worlds. Mosty a duo in the studio, but a trio in the live realm, Prangers produce this wild, lucid, vivid scrap metal beat/bass music concrete sound, that punishes and paddles all those that encounter it.
Creating sounds from custom made instruments, drum kits and random objects, alongside their love for found sounds. manipulated recordings, electronics and more, Prangers are one the most exciting groups around. 
This will be their debut show in the North East and we at Boundaries cant wait to have them rip up the Boundaries stage!!!
For fans of The Boredoms, Lightning Bolt, Coil, Neu and much more.
Do not miss this.




Harrga is a band formed in Bristol in 2017 by Miguel Prado (Nzʉmbe) and Dali de Saint Paul (EP/64, Viridian Ensemble, The Sound Cupboard,DSC).

In May 2019, they released Héroïques Animaux de la Misère, on Avon Terror Corps, in honour of those who burn the borders & keep indelible marks, glossolalia and xenoglossia. Diaspora of the future. Harrga means A Burn in the Moroccan Darija dialect, and also recalls the term harragas, which refers to migrants who burn their ID papers and seek asylum in Europe.

The album is explicitly framed as a tribute to these asylum seekers, bearing a frenzied urgency which refuses the listener a comfortable position, with an intensity to match the similar combination of political and sonic radicalism of Moor Mother, who makes a brief contribution to the final track “À Vif”.


In May 2020, they published “Femmes d’Intérieur” on Takuroku, (Café Oto digital label) considering this time domestic abuse and exploring tropes of femininity.

Turning white innocence in the Black Mediterranean into a survival horror show, Harrga tries to hijack the diasporic sound trajectories. The nomad war machine and all the Swarmachines from the liminal space of exchange and migratory fluxus.

Dali de Saint Paul mixes poetics and politics, singing in French, Darija and some English. She spits with fire and fury, though there is a tangible compassion in her pained lamentations.
Paired with Miguel Prado’s singular, amorphous noise-design, they conjure a seething and thoroughly anomalous vision of contemporary industrial music 

We are beyond excited and humbled by the addition of Harrga at this years Boundaries edition. We cant wait for them to shear and tear their way through the festival weekend.
A truly special group.



Helena Celle

Here at Boundaries we have been fans of Helena Celle for sometime, whether it be in other bands such as Anxiety and Herbert Powell or in super solo form as Helena Celle.

Helena Celle (Night School Records / Kit Records / Fort Evil Fruit) is the predominant guise of Glaswegian artist and audio engineer Kay Logan, under which she creates music compared favorably to the likes of Broadcast, Coil, and Zoviet France.
Boundaries are thrilled to welcome Helena perform at this year's edition, the good stuff will be brought!

She currently produces an improvisational weekly sound art broadcast for patrons at...

Helena Celle Image.jpg

Rhodri Davies

Rhodri was born in 1971 and is immersed in the worlds of improvisation, musical experimentation, composition and contemporary classical performance. He plays harp, electric harp, live-electronics and builds wind, water, ice, dry ice and fire harp installations and has released six solo albums. 

Boundaries has been a fan of Rhodries work, methods and ethics for sometime now and we are iver the moon to finally have hom grave the Boundaries stages.  
No reservations in stating that Rhodri is a pure treasure of a human and this only translates even more through his staggering sounds and ideas. A truly charming and breathtaking musician.

One of the best.


The Unit Ama

The Unit Ama make music that explodes outward: dense but soothing metronomic pulses morph into a wild fracturing of the traditional rock trio, taking the possibilities of what can be done with guitar, bass, drums and vocals into the stratosphere. Whereas others have saught to push the limits of rock music by intense complication and trickery, The Unit Ama's approach is natural, human, shamanic even.


A real power trio, combing pace and restrain alongside vigour and copious amounts of modest mastery. For fans of Lungfish, Can, The Ex, Peter Brotzman, Fugazi, Anthony Braxton and much more..The buzz is on for their show at Boundaries. YES. YES.



Bad Amputee

Ever since Boundaries heard Bad Amputee at one of their relative first gigs only a couple of years ago, we were smitten. Such a delicate, deep group with turns and tearaways throughout the sparse but sublime approach to a 3 piece rock band. Taking nods and sounds from such bands like Codeine, Husker Du, Low, Slint but adding much more of their creative juices, They also get compared to long hill walks.


Bad Amputee are a true gem of a band and its a real pleasure to have them rock out in their own special way at Boundaries this year.

bad amputee cobalt (1).jpg

Nicola Singh

Nicola Singh (b. Newcastle, UK) recently completed a practice-based PhD in Fine Art at Northumbria University. She is an artist based in Newcastle. Her practice is rooted in performance and is made in response to contexts of location and place, encounter and dialogue, feelings and chance. She continues to find ways of writing via performance and through experiments in pedagogy and is interested in the organisation of language around the body and in relation to the voice. Nicola has performed and exhibited at venues nationally and internationally.

Boundaries has been a been huge admirer of Nicola's practice and her prolific output for many many years now, so its a total thrill to welcome her and her ideas into the Boundaries fold. For this special performance Nicola will be joined by drummer Al Wilson for an exclusive intimate set which will feature a piece arranged by Jayne Cortez and maybe a Spice Girls cover!! YES!!


Amy Cutler

Dr. Amy Cutler ( is an experimental geographer, DIY musician and cinema artist who updates traditions of "the live geography show" for the end of the world. Her sets combine analogue projections with audio-visual fieldtrips, using stringed instruments, modified field recordings, lullabies, elegies, and archival materials. From headtorches to tape loops to slide carousels, she twists traditions of landscape and mirage. Solo tapes include Örö Tape (Fieldtrips of the Damned) (Fractal Meat Cuts), GUTTER (Misophonia Records), The end (also ends) of (the) earth and variants (Crow Versus Crow), and Sister Time (Strategic Tape Reserve, forthcoming), and instruments include windscreen wipers, VHS crackle, barometers, soil and rain specimen jars, and a specialty dentist’s camera used for micro-photography in the dark. 


Having read and listened to many of Amy Cutlers works recently, it is a real privilege to welcome her to this years festival edition. We cannot wait to experience Amy's set at this years Boundaries!



Tim Shaw

Tim Shaw is an artist working with sound, light and communication media. Presenting work through performances, installations and sound walks Tim is interested in how listening environments can be constructed or explored using a diverse range of techniques and technologies. He works with field recordings, electronics, video, modular synthesis, sound objects, self-made hardware and DIY software. 


Tim will perform his wonderfully tangible project, 'POINTS OF FAILURE'.  Having watched Tim engage in many of his incredibly original, deep and dynamic ideas over the past few years, being able to bring Tim to Boundaries to open up the Saturday programme with his, 'Points of Failure' project will be a genuine moment for the festival and for the all the people in attendance.



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